Photo | Patience Jonathan Gets 4th Doctorate Degree From The Hansei University In South Korea

The university  honoured Dame JOnathan because she is a humanitarian who has dedicated her life to working for the less privileged in Nigeria and Africa especially for women and children.


I wish we have pictures of her previous works, we would have posted them for you to see.


She bagged her fourth Honorary Doctorate degree on Thursday October 10th, 2013.   She got her latest honorary degree from the Hansei University in South Korean.



Her vision as the defender of the poor in Nigeria fits into Hansei University’s motto of a practising Christian. Now she’s part of our community.” The university chancellor Sung-Hae Kim, said

“I was surprised that she travelled here for the Church Growth International conference years back to pray for Nigeria. For her selfless work, Hansei University confers this degree on her,”

Yonggi Cho, co-founder of the Hansei University, said

“I was just doing my own thing not knowing that in far away Asia everything was being noted. I want to assure you all that with God’s help I will do more. My grandma used to say: `Whatever little you have, share; If you have a thousand and you can’t share, you won’t share a million if you have’.”


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