Young Paperboyz Release New Album, “Naija Boss Techno Reloaded”

Nigeria Europe artist, Young Paperboyz released their new electronic album “Naija Boss Techno Reloaded” that is now available for purchase  on iTunes, Spinlet and other major digital retailers.  The album’s songs are extremely catchy and hook listeners right away; you can dance to it all day.


It is the Nigerian Europe hip-hop, r&b, and pop group icon’s first full-length album in 4 years.

The group established a unique sound, bridging the gap between electronic, dubstep and pop with rap. It has a nice beat which, if played in a club,

you would absolutely dance to, but it really do much in the listening department with beautifully written lyrics.

The album Naija Boss Techno Reloaded is a compilation of singles targeted to hit every emotion,

and was made for every type of listener and draws inspiration from every facet of music.

The album lead single “Party People” is the most popular tune which has been gaining massive airplay on TV and radio stations.

The album features guest appearances from Slim Burna, Sutflute, Maxim Novitskiy, Maryana Poltorak and Dj Nikita Noskow.


The album is now available for purchase on iTunes, Spinlet & other major digital retailers.


iTunes LINK

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Spotify  Link





Track Listing:


1. Party People

2. Leave Me (CAPTONYX Remix)

3. Totally into you

4. Make Love, Hit It Feat. DJ Nikita Noskow

5. Pop it up Remix Feat. Maryana Poltorak

6. Angel By My Side

7. My Soul My Mind Remix Feat. Maxim Novitskiy

8. God Will Judge Me

9. Beach Party (CAPTONYX Remix)

10. Bad Girl Feat. Sutflute & slim burna

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