Something happened and when I came across I thought it had something to do with the popular commercial motorcycle until I opened the website and discovered a magic. Books!

Imagine you are in an office, a boring office. Your colleagues won’t stop the gossip and those on your chat-list are sleeping or busy. Then you make a click on your mobile phone and your favourite titles appear in front of you at a very affordable rate and while your colleagues chat you read and giggle and they draw closer to know what is up with you and your sudden joy. Magic!


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I really like the avenue okadabooks creates. As we know distribution has been a major problem in the Nigeria book industry. When a piece of literature is released, even the best traditional publisher becomes clueless about marketing. The reason has not been lack of manpower but times have changed and some of the traditional people are yet to realise that time has truly changed. People are reading, but not in the libraries anymore. If you visit a public library, you may see few persons, running research on hardcopies of magazines and newspapers. But if you should meet the people who are seated at the corner of a street, the rooms or in the restaurants, you will discover that people are actually reading…but on mobile devices.

The folks at okadabooks must have noticed. And by reaching a wider audience of over seven hundred million people using the mobile phones in Africa is a great way to make a writer a celebrity. Maybe if a writer is so popular she (hint hint) can become a Glo or MTN ambassador, no be only Musicians fit hammer. has taken a veil off the seemingly esoteric world of literature. This time, with a click, books are available on your mobile phone and you can create a book club and have fun reading books. Anyway I hope to complete my first book soon and I am looking forward to it being on Okadabooks!

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