Introducing Drum Network Africa

Drum Network Africa is an entertainment Company with a special focus in promoting drumming and performing arts in Africa. We are dedicated to producing and syndicating programs across the African continent and beyond. It is positioned as a dedicated brand that gives African Drummers and musicians across the globe a platform for projecting their image; while also contributing positively to the continent’s music and entertainment industry.

The art of music and musical instruments are extremely important facets of human history. The use of rhythm and song has long been associated with expressing meaning, feeling and to accompany rituals of all types spanning the globe. Spanning generations and as far back as we can trace, music has been a part of human life. Early civilisation and races used music as a way to communicate and express themselves. Of all the musical instruments that we see in our society today and on a regular basis, there is one instrument that seems to standout in musical history; the Drums.


Drumming and drum unlike every other instrument is an art. It carries in itself an industry that communicates and expresses deep emotions, culture, tourism, ethnicity, language, and people across the globe.

Drum Network Africa is the first of its kind in Africa and is a continental, global favourite and household brand name. We are dedicated to exploring drumming as an art, bringing it to the streets even to the common man, spreading its Relevance and importance in modern entertainment.


The main event for DRUMS NETWORK AFRICA will be holding in November 2013. Watch out for more info.




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