Will You Ever Leave or Delete Your Social Network Account?

“Wait! Perhaps you want to give it another chance?” I said to myself recently. I like what social media has to offer. However, I’m not too keen on some aspects. I joined Facebook in 2007 and Twitter almost around the same time. I mainly joined for the social aspect of it, to connect with friends and meet new ones.
 It took a while to build some presence on both places. Luckily, I connected with people I haven’t spoken to in years on Facebook. Twitter, I didn’t use that much. Over time, my friend list grew on Facebook and I shamefully admit I felt special. When I decided to create the Tobinsco’s Blog, I felt both Facebook and Twitter would help me promote it, along with my other writings.
It did to a certain extent. I am grateful for that. After my few months blogging experience, I became more involved on Twitter participating in social work chat forums and debates. I met some cool people in the process. The likes of  TiwaOluFamousGossipGirleeOlorisupergal and several other blog mates. Overall, the experience being on social media has been positive with a few ups and downs.
So, why am I contemplating on leaving it alone?
 As a writer (or Blogger as you may call it), feedback is key to knowing if you’re heading in the right direction in your craft. Although I write for myself, I wish I received more feedback on my writing. I post on Facebook and most of the time I get a “Like” or nothing at all. People have told me they read my words, but don’t comment.
Comments help, whether they’re good or bad, because to a writer it allows one to improve or push the envelope a bit. I have one friend on Twitter who has been consistent in reading and commenting on everything I write. Whether it’s this blog or news stories, he offers feedback and support. I appreciate that so much. I know people are reading my work, I don’t doubt that. I just wish I received more feedback.
The other reason I thought about letting go of social media is the lack of connecting with people. I feel it’s taking away from the humanistic side of life. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind saying hello over a computer screen, but whatever happened to meeting in person to say hello? I notice the only time a person can see how one is doing is through a “Like” button or a Twitter message.
 Call me old-fashioned, but a personal letter, email, text, or phone call means more to me than just clicking a “Like” button on someone’s status. It’s even hard to get people online to meet offline. I’ve tried. There have been times, I attempted to make plans or offer suggestions of meet-ups. It didn’t go too well. I think communicating through the computer is easier for some people.
Maybe it’s insecurity or a great way to hide self from others. I’m not sure. Either way, it would be nice to meet in person, talk, and enjoy the environment than overworking the fingers on Smartphones.
Socially, life has become very boring for me. I need to get out more and be around people who are willing to go out, willing to laugh, and willing to enjoy life. I haven’t found that on social media and don’t think I will. For now, it’s on to plan B.
 Meanwhile, I haven’t hit the delete button yet. My name is Tobinsco, and that’s a bit from my boring life.
(Note: This article is written by me and does not in any way, refer to anybody in any manner or likeness. No hate!)
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