Vanessa Simmons & Daddy Rev. Run Talk About Her Pregnancy

Vanessa Simmons is a self-proclaimed daddy’s girl. So imagine her nerves when she had to tell her famous dad, hip-hop legend Rev. Run, that she was pregnant without being married to boyfriend Mike Wayans (Damon Wayans’ son).

Here’s what else Vanessa talked about:

On pregnancy cravings:
“Anything I see I want,” she says before confessing her current Slurpee addiction. “Every time my mom calls me she asks, ‘Where’s Mike?’ and I’m like, ‘He’s at 7-11,'” she says. “The cherry-flavored Slurpee is my weakness. So is the Jamba Juice Mango-a-go-go smoothie.”

On baby names:
They thought they were having a boy so they collected names until a sonogram revealed it was a little girl. “Now I’m stumped thinking of little girl names,” says the happy mom-to-be. “But I’m excited because little girl clothes are amazing and I’m the girliest girl ever!”

We’re sure her pops is happy regardless about a grandbaby.

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