Have you ever imagined what would happen if Sesan and Clarence Peters were to be put in a single room? There would so much lights and cameras than there have been anywhere in the world. Sesan still touches my heart in a special way when it comes to music video rendition. But D’Banj’s ‘Finally’ is an unfair representation of Sesan mastery.

If you are a fan of heavy bass music you would find ‘Finally’ as great piece of art. The sound premiere at the Beat FM studio in Lagos kept me awaiting the official music video. The dance style was superb. D’Banj is classical. His styles could be very unique. At the studio of Beat FM, I saw a greater reason to respect his craft.

I like the costume of D’Banj in the music video, something cut from the ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ story and all there was intended to make it a fairy tale. D’Banj is world class. He can’t be denied that. But ‘Finally’ fell short of the dance video it should have been. What I watched looked like a teaser. In short, I seem to prefer the teaser more than the music video. I look forward a new thing when I watch a music video. Maybe if Wizkid had given the ‘Finally’ dance step it wouldn’t have been a bad surprise.

The track reminds me of Don Jazzy’s magical fingers. But I have since gotten over missing Don Jazzy on D’Banj’s songs. Sesan is brilliant. He could have done a lot better even though what he did was less than what would have been preferred of a Bangalee’s signature.

‘Finally’, the sound is a more mature piece of art. It is addictive and evocative of dance. The video is not. It’s an unfair compliment to the sound. The video ‘vixens’ could have danced better if directed. I have resolved that African music is basically about dancing and when the piece dictates such and dancing is denied it is very unfortunate and depressing. Clarence Peters should do D’Banj a favour, give him a Christmas gift, and make for him a fresh video of ‘Finally’ with adequate dance.




Nwilo Bura-Bari Vincent








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