Nigeria At 53 – Poem | Sorrow, Tears and Blood By Gbenga Osowe

I write this not in joy

Nor do I in my heart feel gay,

This is not a poem to revel in,

Neither is it an article on whose points you dwell

It is the lamentations of a heart feeling heavy

Sorrow, tears and blood I speak, hear me


Sorrows, in the heart of mothers,

Waiting in vain for the return of their young ones

Scholars, put to waste while seeking higher learning

Waiting in vain, waiting in pain, waiting in sorrow

For the murdered leaders of tomorrow

Sorrow, tears and blood, who can give us reprieve but God


For the ones we’ve lost so dear, tears

For the land being laid bare, tears

For the leaders lacking in wisdom, tears

For the youths with future so unclear, tears

For the loss of integrity and honesty, tears

For the enthronement of crime and corruption, tears

Sorrow, tears and blood,

Our undesired yet regular trademark


Blood of the innocent, flowing unbidden,

Pouring forth of nature’s path, aided

By the weapons of unknown gunmen,

Terrorists, militants and herdsmen,

Blood, seeping into the soil,

Crying out to God like Abel’s life wire

Calling for vengeance yet crying for mercy

Sorrow, Tears and Blood,

Sad trademark of the dark times in this clime


Let’s celebrate 53 years of independence

When on others’ goods we’re still largely dependent

Our land is blessed, yet we are so depressed,

At the hands of our leaders, we remain oppressed

Sorrow, tears and blood, we daily reap

From none let’s seek reprieve if not God

Image By Ucheugo






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