Nigeria At 53 – Poem | If I Fall I Will Rise By @SaintVinny

I am not like a toddler
Struggling with each step
Hoping his next one would be sustainable
I am not like granny
Who once was young has forgotten youth
Cuddling a cane
Aiding her courage

I am not like a dreamer
Even when a war rages he loves
Hoping bullets will evade him
And the world celebrates him
I am a better man
With random wishes

I am not like the sprites
Hovering everywhere
Dwelling nowhere
Having no owner
Or loved one
I am not like that

I am not like the rising sun
Always golden and revered
But watched with dismay at dusk
I am a man of energy
Even if I fall I will rise
With a heart hard yet permeable
And a hand strong but lovable

Happy Birthday, Nigeria.



Image By UcehUgo



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