Photos From Slusssh September Party – Ebuka, Tunde Demuren, Iyanya, Praiz, Gbemi Others Attend

On Saturday 21st October, another edition of SLU…Shh, Nigeria’s biggest house party SWITCHed up the fun of partying in Lagos and it was—as usual—a one-of-a-kind house party experience for the exclusive audience.

The much anticipated event took place at the the iconic SLU…Shh mansion which was tastefully made ready for top celebrities, young socialites and entertainment fans alike. TheSLU…Shh mansion instantly became the celebrity haven  for the night as Nigeria’s top music stars, TV and radio personalities graced the event that was a perfect blend of style, class and music. The audience were entertained by the duo of Ebuka Obi-Uchendu and Linda Osifo (who were the hosts at SLU…Shh) and also enjoyed performances from Phyno, Sean Tizzle and PRE while partying all night with some of Nigeria’s top celebrities which include Don Jazzy, Praiz, Beverly Osu, Naeto C, Ikechukwu, Toolz, DJ Jimmy Jatt, Gbemi, Fade, Banky W.



With such spectacular atmosphere of entertainment created throughout the night, SLU…Shh SWITCH was without a doubt, the party of the year (who else does it better anyway). Guests were treated to an excess supply of everything that makes for a great party! No one even had to trip to get what they want; they just SWITCH! Sexy girls were on hand to serve more than enough drinks and finger foods at a beck! Music from the house DJs inched through every corner of the SLU…Shh mansion. Guests also took away with them, exotic goodie bags from the sponsors.





BANKY W AND BISOYE FAGADE BANKY W, EBUKA BANKY W BEVERLY OSU (M) BEVERLY OSU DEMILADE ROBERTS EBUKA, GBEMI, DJ JIMMY JATT EVA (M) GBEMI OLATERU OLAGBEI WITH BANKY W IMG_9501 IMG_9553 IYANYA MO EAZY NAETO C NOBLE IGWE OLAMIDE ADDEJI OYE AKD AND YOMI BLACK P.R.E PEARL SOUNDCITY AND TUNDE DEMUREN PHYNO PRAIZ SAMMY SHARON OJONG Slushh_Manshion_Party-2289 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2293 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2303 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2316 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2330 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2337 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2346 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2353 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2355 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2369 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2372 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2393 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2403 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2409 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2420 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2427 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2428 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2440 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2451 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2452 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2453 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2456 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2457 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2458 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2461 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2468 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2477 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2481 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2483 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2487 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2495 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2501 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2514 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2519 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2526 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2535 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2537 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2551 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2553 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2558 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2561 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2571 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2585 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2589 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2606 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2608 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2610 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2614 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2619 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2623 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2634 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2646 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2647 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2648 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2649 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2654 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2659 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2661 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2669 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2671 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2676 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2678 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2679 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2684 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2698 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2705 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2710 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2711 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2713 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2723 Slushh_Manshion_Party-2725 TOKE MAKINWA UCHE ODOH AND SHAYDEE YOMI BLACK, LIZ BLACK AND GUESTS




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