Introducing So Fresh Neighbourhood Market

SO FRESH Neighbourhood Market is a refreshingly novel specialty retail company, that provides its customers with all their fresh fruits, vegetables, organic food and other naturalproduce needs at a stop. So Fresh was borne out of passion to meet and serve these consumers’ needs in a unique way in the Nigerian community. They operate retail outlets that deal primarily in fresh fruits, vegetables, organic food, other natural produce and freshly processed products. They presently operate two retail outlets in Lagos, one in Ikoyi on the island and the other in Ogba-Ikeja on the main land..


They stock over a hundred (100) types of exotic and local fruits and vegetables, at a stop. We also stock nuts, seeds,roots, tubers, extracts, flours, lots of healthy oils, fresh and dried herbs & spices, and healthy groceries.We run a production arm, with specialties in freshly made juices, smoothies, salads, fruit trees, fruit bouquets, fruit platters, fruit baskets and hampers.


They  are big on quality, hygiene, freshness, wholesomeness and excellent customer service. We offer consistent availability of a wide range of freshly picked fresh fruits and vegetables. They presently operate two retail outlets in the Lagos, one in Ikoyi and the other in Ogba-Ikeja.




So Fresh will be the number one and most preferred store in Nigeria for fresh, wholesome fruits and vegetables and other natural food produce in Nigeria all year round.



1. Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

2. 100% freshly made Juices & Smoothies

3. Fruit Bouquets, Fruit Trees & Fruit platters

4. Salads & Desserts

5. Fresh/Dried Spices & Herbs

6. Nuts & Seeds

7. Healthy Oils & Extracts

7. Fruit Baskets & Hampers

8. Exotic Groceries


Their products are taken through a high degree of quality compliance, hygiene management and safety checks to ensure that they are;

  • Fresh

  • Clean & appear presentable

  • Hygienic

  • Safe for consumption

  • Well preserved & uniquely packaged

  • Priced right


They  remain the number fruits and vegetable store in Nigeria in terms of quality, wholesomeness and freshness. Their unique offering and fantastic presentation sets us apart.  What makes us unique is our focus on healthy eating; we are not like the regular super stores that sell fruits and vegetables as a side attraction.



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