After rising to become one of the foremost reality shows in Nigeria, the reality show that celebrates mothers, Supermom, will be making a big debut with celebrity edition in Ghana on Friday.

The Ghana edition according to Sola Fajobi, the CEO of Digital Interactive Media (DIM) the brain behind the reality show, will re-define TV programming in Ghana.

“We’ve always had good relationship with Ghana, I worked there several years and we have had a couple of Ghanaians like Lydia Forson and others participate in our other reality show, The Next Movie Star. We have now decided to come nearer home by opening an office in Ghana and contributing to the growth of entertainment and TV content here. This will be a symbiotic relationship as we hope to give as much as possible to Ghana. The supermom reality show Celebrity edition is one of first series of events and content we will be doing here in Ghana.”

Supermom Celebrity edition according to inside source will spotlight on mothers of celebrities cutting across music, media and movie genres, telling the stories of celebrities like we have never heard before, revealing the pains behind raising the superstars, the sacrifice they had to make for them to become ‘important’ in life and most especially the pranks the stars pulled that we no longer get to see.

“Trust me, this is going to be one show we all get to talk about for a very long time, the stage is set, the crew is ready, the celebrities and a lot of their fans will be in for a shock, the TV stations are also ready to air us live. Get set for an interesting time on TV, DIM is in town”.

Supermom is the emotive reality show that celebrates mothers from all walks of lives for the love and uncompromising care for their children. Supermom made its debut in Nigeria in 2010. The first and second editions focused on mothers whose stories their children told with emotive conviction. The stories bordered on the sacrifice, pain and sheer hardship that 13 women went through in raising their kids. Some of them had their men watching helplessly beside or behind them as the case may be while for some others the supposed traditional bread winners were nowhere to be found. Their stories were told with short dramas while the eventual winners were decided via votes from members of the public.

The first set of winners won brand new house, the first runner up, a brand new car while the second runner up smiled home with cash prize.

The focused shifted last year with mothers of celebrities put on the spot. From KSB to Julius Agwu, mothers of 13 celebrities gave rare personal accounts of how the famous faces were raised. Some stories moved the audience to tears while others invoked pensive mood laced with mild laughter brought about by knowing assurance that the end justified the means.

Winners usually get houses, cash and cars as prizes. What will the first set of winners get in Ghana? The organizers say, the prizes will be the talk of the town.




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