GOtv Weekender 25 Sept – 1 Oct: Discovery World, Telemundo, Disney Junior, Sony Max, KidsCo

This weekend on GOtv, don’t miss interesting programmes coming your way.

Discovery World


Ten Commandments of the Mafia:  Listen as former Mafia members speak out for the first time about the codes that govern their criminal world.  Chilling firsthand accounts from the Mobsters themselves tell of life on the inside and how their motto of “cosa nostra” – “this thing of ours” – ultimately falls victim to the American Dream.  In two riveting hours this fascinating series explores how the modern day American Mafia first built its power by following Piccolo’s Cosa Nostra Code; and lost it all when the code was abandoned.  Don’t miss out on this engaging documentary on Wednesday 25 September at 9:50PM on Discovery World, GOtv Channel 50.



Aurora:  Twenty years ago, passion blossomed between agelessly beautiful Aurora and the handsome Lorenzo, but lies and deceit separated them and changed their lives forever.  When Aurora’s parents find out that she is pregnant with the child of a humble man, they fear this will ruin her life. They decide to take her away and forbid her from ever seeing Lorenzo again.  After giving birth, Aurora becomes very ill with a strange disease. Her father, a prominent scientist, does something very unexpected to find a cure for the disease and this changes Aurora’s life forever.  Don’t miss the critically acclaimed Aurora on 26 September and weekdays at 6:40PM on Telemundo, GOtv Plus Channel 13.


You can also follow Precious Rose (4:10PM), My Heart Beats for Lola (5:00PM), and Behind Closed Doors (5:50PM).

Disney Junior


Doc McStuffins:  Doc McStuffins wants to be a doctor just like her mom when she grows up.  Doc McStuffins has a way of making teddies feel better whenever they have ailments or are simply under the weather. Tune in to see how she cares for all of her friends.  Sunday 29 September at 8:40AM Disney Junior, GOtv Plus Channel 60.

Sony Max

The Last Ninja:  An art dealer (Michael Beck – Xanadu, Houston Knights) who leads a double life as a ninja is America’s only hope when an elite group of scientists are held hostage by terrorists atop a Dallas skyscraper.  Great martial arts fight scenes. Directed by William A. Graham (1983).  Monday, 30 September at 8:00PM on GOtv Channel 21.


Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action:  The Olsen twins are animated in an action-packed series of mini-movies on KidsCO.  In this new series of mini-movies the daring duo play secret agents who fight the good fight and protect the world from wrong-doers, when they’re not zipping around in limos and attending premieres and living the high life.  Kids can catch the cartoon versions of Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action on KidsCo, Tuesday 1 October at 11:11AM, GOtv Channel 61.

IN ADDITION:  As a GO-getter, catch some great local channels on offer in digital quality on GOtv, including NTA International, AIT, Channels, STV, MiTV and LTV.


Please note that programming, dates and times are subject to change. In addition, please note that different channels are available on different GOtv bouquets and in different countries.

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