“Is This War Against Saeon, Koller Tunez???”

Apparently, an email was sent from the Koller Tunez camp under which Flowssick is. It was reported that the entertainment company leaked the first version of Saeon’s Bust My Brain.


The current and official version in circulation features the talented General Pype. Which is reportedly receiving attention in Jamaica, Liberia, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa and all over Nigeria. The leaked version has Flowssick on it and was also reported as a freestyle. 

The email from the Koller Tunez camp reads “Well, this isn’t coming from a bitter place as some bloggers may report this. Bust My Brain was recently released by Saeon which featured General Pype. We are happy it is doing great, but thought it wouldn’t do any harm to release the first version which happened as a freestyle between her and Flowssick. we’ll let you music lovers pick the better of the two”




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