Words by Kehinde Ajose
David Adedeji  Adeleke  a.k.a David O is not a rookie in the Nigerian music space. From his bouncy rags to riches single ‘Back When’ released in  2011, to ‘Dami Duro’ and  ‘Gobe’, the youngest scion of  Dr Adedeji  Adeleke the deep  pocketed mogul has amazingly done well for himself amidst numerous controversies plaguing his career. Even though some individuals believes his fast rise is as a result of his ‘Omo Baba Olowo’(Son of a Wealthy man)  status, Davido has catapulted from an upcoming toiler to a bonafide a mainstream superstar. Even though his hasn’t been a tale of grass to grace, he has been able to leverage on his influential background to make a master piece out of his music career stunning his critics.
His latest single   Skelewu has garnered unusual airplays   making Davido and his team to harness the wide acclaim the song has which led them to staging a dance competition with the winner getting $3,000   .Skelewu is a mid tempo bouncy song which starts off with   a xylophone intro, a catchy bass line, traditional drums reminiscent of the ijaw tribe   and a comatose lyrics. The entirety of the song can be compared to finding maggot in  the champagne you’ve been longing to devour. Fast rising producer Shizzi chiseled a great production out of the song. You can’t help but   move to the beat   when the song is on. Davido relied on that fact   but made a mess of the beat. He knew what he wanted to sing about, but the song’s lyrics zoomed off to another different lane entirely.
 It’s typical of the present Nigerian music scene. Good beat, awesome production  , mixing on point, appropriate chord progression, but the lyrical content ?Its a thumbs down! .The song thrives on its   melodious instrumentals than excellent lyrics. This what the lyrics reads like:
‘All the girls them dey dance galala
But this new dance don cause casala
For this dance you no need shakara
Oya whine your hips like a this
Like a that
Like a this
Like a that
To your right
To the front
And your yansh to the back
Skelewu…ske le le le le
Skelewu…ske le le le le’
The song is not a break away from the norm. It’s hardly a departure from the routine party dance tracks that are rote in today’s mainstream Nigerian music .It’s almost an abomination  for music producers not to deliver excellent music these days. On the flipside a song with an awesome lyrical content is fast becoming a rarity in the Nigerian Music industry .The highpoint of the song is its traditional feel and exceptional   genre, little wonder it has reached the number one spot on most charts.
Advice to Davido, work on your lyrics , if you  must take a course on song writing , please do so. Enough of the maggot infested lyrics on your champagne music
Kehinde Ajose is a sought after publicist, blogger , and talent development coach. He is reachable at splendidkenny01@yahoo.com  Twitter-@splendidkenny http:KehindeAjose.com

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