Technologies: A Solace To Nigerian Students By Ore Afolayan

There seems to be no end in sight to the strike action embarked by the Academic Staff Union of Universities and for this reason Nigerian Students have found themselves as ‘doers’ of idle actions.


Nigerian students have once again found themselves as victims of an unending struggle-often times as weaklings of an annual combat. The interrupted strike action embarked by the Academic Staff Union of Universities has lasted over 1800 hours- a long period of time to make history. Many Nigerian students of University extract have wholeheartedly condemned the act boarded by ASUU, but as it seems, it pains no office-holder whose ox is gored.




There have also been few students that I have conversed with in my journalistic pursuits, often times immersed in the comfort of their rooms that pray that the strike continues, hopefully till the year runs out, reason being that they are working on new TECHNOLOGIES. TECHNOLOGIES! You might say whattechnologies? It was circulated on social media times ago that a Nigerian created an app that enables you in map navigation. Another Nigerian is currently developing a website; another is writing some programming codes while another is prepared to visit a technological company to submit his proposal for perusal and approval. is the closest friend of a young woman on a solitary day while is the undisputed platform where Nigerian men visit to do their ranting. The craze for Instagram is currently booming, in the next year’s quarter, it might be history. Friend, have you ever ranted of how you didn’t brainstorm today? Or are you still analyzing the Mesut Ozil in Arsenal equation? Dear, that Ozil guy rakes in millions.




Or is Goodluck Jonathan still your focal point of aggression, pal, as it seems GEJ is yet to know you. But you can make him know you; the power unilaterally lies in your palms., a billion dollar company is about to go public, following the trails of, another billion dollar company.




These companies started from the corners of a room in a computer system while young men toiled day and night to build small social networking sites. Twitter and Facebook are almost public entities, not public as in you and I use them but public as in while you hold shares of these companies, the owners wallow in billions. My dear, have you started thinking? Of what you can create, what you can sell? 2go, an instant messaging app was created by a South African dude, not an alien. He was birthed of a woman and not some demons.




He doesn’t analyse football like you do, he doesn’t compare Messi to Ronaldo. Neither does he dispute the fact that Gareth Bale is/is not worth an amount. Want to know what he discusses, analyses or spend money on? Well, he probably discusses which new market segments to enter, and assumedly compares Android phones to Iphones so as to know where he would cash in on more millions, I can categorically say that he doesn’t spend money on some silly bets, he invests wisely.



Dear reader, please stop reading, take your eyes off that cellphone, that computer, that gadget invented by another man, stare blankly into the distance or rather close your eyes. Think!, what can you create, what can you market, what can you give the world? A new app, software, or a gadget, Eureka! You’ve discovered it. Pen down your thoughts, it’s time for another showdown.




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