Don’t Just Trip, Just Switch – SLU…ssh Mansion Party




The idea of an exclusive party with hawt boys and hawt girls sounds exciting, right? And a wonderful event offering you an exclusive access to beautiful people and your favorite celebrities at no cost is one you don’t want to miss!


Anticipations are high for the new edition of Nigeria’s biggest house party, SLU…Shh,  and the promise of a spectacular event for celebrities and fans can’t be compromised by the SLU…Shh team as planning is in full gear for the phenomenal house party that is slated for the 21st of September! A 360Group innovation that has remained a platform where celebrities and fans collide in an atmosphere of fun over the years, SLU…Shhh has redefined the Lagos party experience for several audience. And the SLU…Shh party signature which is a fusion of style and class, fashion and music, is set to host top celebrity performers and guests at the iconic SLU…Shhh Mansion. The idea is to amplify the culture of partying, so the organizers are SWITCHin’ up the volume! At an event for top players in Nigerian entertainment as well as young professionals who are set to party like it’s do or die ( you better believe no one jokes with this fun experience) at the SLU…Shh mansion for a night, you sure will get starstruck but you won’t even have to trip, just SWITCH!


slussh party



The SLU…Shh mansion will open to an exclusive celebrity and fans audience, and in it’s true style will be hosted by the Nigerian TV entertainment sweetheart, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu and Linda Osifo.


Those looking for a treat of great entertainment while partying with the stars under one roof will sure be able to get invites to have an experience to remember at SLU…ShhSWITCH! For invitations, send an e-mail with your invitation request to





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