The Nigezie Celebrity Connect is a bi-monthly celebration of the best talents in the Nigerian and global entertainment industry. It is meant to recognize outstanding achievers and top entertainers from different sectors of the entertainment industry.

Every other month, the social media and conventional media community will vote for the celebrity of their choice and the celebrity with the highest number of mentions,retweets,Likes e.t.c is selected as our Celebrity of the month.
Also, A social media opinion poll will throw up an upcoming and talented act or entertainer alongside the main celebrity in order to give aspiring Budding talents an opportunity to showcase their skills.
How Does It Work?
This month, we are throwing open our TV, web and social media platforms and YOU decide which celebrity and upcoming talent you want us to showcase and celebrate this September.
And then you get to interact with them live via google hangout, know them better in special interview sessions and finally, a lucky few will get to throw down with your favourite celebs at the Xtremely Nigerian Party last Friday of the month!
This Month, we are Celebrating  ( ??????? )  and ( ??????? ) : Vote on our Social Networks
Date: September 27, 2013
Venue: Club DV8
Time: 10:00pm Green Carpet
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The Nigezie Celebrity Connect,
Connecting you to your favourite celebrities!
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