Supermom Newsletter for Episode 11

Beth Torrey home was founded by an American, called Elizabeth Torrey in 1965. Beth Torrey orphanage home is a home for the mentally challenged

(retarded and disturbed children). The children are trained to develop domestic, social and theatrical skills. The children are usually found abandoned by their parents on the streets. It has about 25 children and adults in its care.

There are several kids with epileptic condition, but one in particular named ‘Patrick’, whose condition is critical as he often have seizures, he falls down come morning, come night.

On a faithful night, he developed a protruded head, due to the heavy seizures and was rushed to the hospital where they were told he had to undergo a surgery on the head.

What then, was the outcome?

LOTS Charity home

Miss Tolulope Sangosanya is the founder LOTS Foundation, she 30years old from Ijebu-ode, Ogun state, she studied Mass Communication at the Olabisi Onabanjo University. LOTS charity foundation is a registered charity organization that caters to the physiological [feeding, clothing and shelter], social, educational, psychological, medical, and emotional needs of street kids and vulnerable children.

Presently they have 150kids in Lots as that’s the highest it can take for now, however, they have so many kids on the awaiting list, such young with a wide heart.

Some parent could be so heartless to treat their child in disregard that they could throw a knife at their kid and cut them deep in the neck.

This is the story of a kid named Chinedu, who was taken care by Tolu, as she saw Chinedu walking and crying on the road with a deep cut on his neck.

However, there was a child who lost his mother while delivering a baby and also there is another child, whose mother slept and didn’t wake up, early this year, there was a fire outbreak that affected his home, so he lost his father too.

Tolu Sangosanya did not leave these children to perish on the street, as she took them into the charity home. This is a must watch episode as we see what became of these children.

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