Stop Being A spectator! How To Become A STAR Player In Life #MondayInspiration

I have discovered that two sets of people exists in life; those actively involved in doing good or bad (the actors) and those actively involved in watching or criticizing them (the spectators).

In a football match the players are the actors while the fans are the spectators – we cannot but have these two sets of people in every facet of life. Some people must be doing something while some others must be praising or criticizing them. From this perspective I would like you to look at the life of a spectator and that of an actor before making a definite decision on which side you should perpetually belong.

  • Anybody can be a spectator; it is the lowest level of living. All you have to do is support an actor and you can get to watch the actor all your life. The highest level of living is being an actor in your field; actively participating to making the best things happen – a place where every action or sound you make generate either a praise or a criticism – that is living!
  • The spectator makes noise and never makes a sound that technically affects the game – the football field is filled with spectators who scream and cheer for their team but screams has never decided who wins or loses a match. Spectators only make the match interesting while actors decide who wins or loses the match.
  • Spectators have never been inducted into the hall of fame in a particular field of life; that is an exclusive reserve for actors on the field.
  • Spectators do not live a legacy in life, they die as if they never existed but actors do not just die; their works continue to live – being an actor in your field is the way to live forever in that field.
  • The spectator pays to watch the actor; the actor is paid with the spectator’s money while the actor only sign an autograph in return (and that is still optional).

Many people love to cheer but very few people love to be cheered for; you have to deliberately choose which side to belong. Cheering for people is good but to be cheered for is great. Choose which side you want to belong to today. All you have to do to become an outstanding actor is simple:

  • Choose a team (profession) that you will love to be cheered for.
  • Attend a compulsory training as no player ever excelled without training – training does not have to be the four walls of a school; training is simply learning all that it takes to be a star in your profession and doing them.
  • PLAY! Do not be a potential star, exhibit your potential and let the world and God cheer for you. You have to play the game to receive a cheer in the game. Imagine that Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid only play those fantastic free-kicks in his compound? At most he will get a cheer from his family; what that means is that, where you choose to play determines where the cheering will come from. It is an assault on your great destiny to play local – play global!

Look around you, the men whom you cheer for have done these simple three things I have listed above and the world cannot stop cheering for them. It is your own turn, step away from being a spectator – become a principal actor in your field.

In five years time what team (profession) will you be playing for and what field (local or global) will you be playing on?

 By: Gabriel Olatunji


Gabriel Olatunji Legend is an entrepreneur and a solution strategist. I am open to further discussions on my twitter handle @OLATUNJISPEAKS | Do you also need to publish a book? I might be able to help you out, mail

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