Morell Delivers ‘Ganga Da Garaya’ In Hause

Bento recordz act, Morell today released a new single for his northern fans.

Titled Ganga Da Garaya which in English means Drums and Local Guitar. Morell delivers the track solely in Hausa, showing us a side of him that we are not conversant with.


“This is me in all totality. Nearly everyone who grew up with Hausa parents can relate to Ganga Da Garaya. I am glad that my people love the song, I was in Abuja over the weekend, and the acceptance was great. There’ll be more songs like this from me, this is just the beginning”

Born Musa Akilah, Morell hails from Bornu State. A graduate of Creative Arts, the diverse act has over the years thrilled us with a blend of music he likes to call “Morell Music”. With his last single Anti Social featuring rave of the moment Olamide still enjoying massive airplay on radio and TV, Morell is here to stay.

Since his debut, Morell has made it a habit to infuse his local dialect into his music. Already a budding hit, Ganga Da Garaya shows his flexibility and versatile musical craft.




Verse one 

Come all

Come and see

We are summoned by the sound of local drums this time

Come and see the gathering of youths

Real Love born out of likeness

This time around

Forget about your worries

Have fun with friends and family

Celebration is what’s happening

Growth came with a promotion this time


Now Women dance

Move a step back and shake

What’s the point wearing those waist beads

If there ain’t enough money to spray u while u dance

Move a step come closer

Let’s match and go(2x)




Local drum and guitar

Masa (hausa snack) and it’s soup (taushe)

King and the palace

North and her pride

Flock of women (north)

Shatta (legend). and music

Be human and do the bori dance

Be human

Bori is a very beautiful work of art



Verse 3


If u can remember this, sing with me,..


Fati. Fatima fatomi

Me that has shown you how much I love you?

Now u want to insult me?

So your father is even a novice

He doesn’t know how to make local charms

He only knows how to gather

The skin

He went stealing some from my hut


And was chased by the lizards in my house

He was found in some place

Both village peanuts and the ones in the city

I mix them all then

Poured in ur father’s shorts

And only one part got the message




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