Gucci Mane’s Outrageous Twitter Rant; Nicki Minaj Responds

So, Twitter just blew up with Gucci Mane‘s latest rants.  Find out who he attacked inside and who he puts on blast for allegedly smashing…

Gucci is one of those dudes who just doesn’t need a Twitter.  1–Because we can only understand every third word of what he’s trying to say.  And 2–Because he seems to use it more for blasting others than he does for promoting himself.

This brings us to tonight’s rant.  Not sure what set him off….or what possible substance set him off….but Gucci started going off about folks in the industry:

Every 1 n the industry has a hidden agenda every person let greed n pride conquer them its sad but I been in jail so much it humbled me

And then, ish got gross from there.

The highlights, from what we could understand: Gucci claims to have had a threesome with Nicki Minaj.  Another threesome with Tyga‘s chick Blac Chyna. He goes on about smashing video vixens Keyshia Dior (who we thought was his actual girlfriend at some point), Buffy The Body and others who had a man at the time.  And according to Gucci, he sexed CiaraMonica (while she was with Rocko) and Taraji P. Henson.

Then he went in on the folks at Atlantic Records, and he apparently isn’t signed with that company anymore. He called someone “fat lard”.

And then, he started attacking Drake by calling him an Instagram groupie, Jeezy, T.I. and others.  And he called Tiny ugly.

See his tweets:

1 002 3 00



Nicki responds by going in on him, saying things like:


Gucci look like a upset stomach…Career aint goin nowhere like horses in da stable/ bitch I’m in the mansion, flossin, clickin cable.




And Tyga responded:


Burberry Man was just askin for a song doe?? #OnlyACrackhead



This is a convo between Nicki and tyga


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