Opinion: Nigeria’s Failed Attempt At Rap

“Oh ye rappers, I have brought you the greatest truth” and yes it is bitter. Given the whirlwind of controversy that Kendrick’s glorious verse on big Sean’s track caused.

It has occurred to me how insecure and childish many Nigerian rappers are, oh I forgot to add, disrespectful, imagine yung6ix, saying he is the best rapper in the country, dude, you aren’t even on the map yet, cos frankly after the struggle song you did with wiz.

I don’t see you anywhere. That said, everybody has his own definition of rap, but I think some of these artistes just rhyme with a few words and come out and call themselves rappers, that is disrespectful to the likes of Snoop, Craig Mack, B.I.G, 2pac,Em, Nas and  Hov.

Rap is a way of life, not a means to money, not telling us every time that you’re an aboki  on the same beat of almost 80% of your songs, or someone’s abuse on word play like “my spot is the gal-area (galleria), Murray Bruce”, or Sylvester Stallone’s action figure namesake’s terrible and pathetic try at nursery school rhymes, it is utterly disgraceful, to us Nigerians and to specifically to us, the lovers of the art called RAP.

Did you not notice how J.cole felt he failed cos Nas wasn’t proud of his debut song?, that’s the love for it, or the sense of accomplishment Wayne said he felt when Hova called him for the first time in his life and said “I see you”.

That is the love for it, not coming to television with your “maintain to sustain because you chop plantain” rhymes, in this day and time, and we call them rappers? How embarrassing is that? I remember after the first Nigerian Cypher when M.I tweeted about how MODE9 is a beast, let me give you a hint; he is, well on the mic though, I’m not a Yoruba boy so forgive me if I literally don’t understand what reminisce says most of the time, and well, olamide, I’m sure most of the Yoruba guys would feel the same about Phyno, and FYI, I am not Igbo either. The real person to blame is not just ok for actually making these niggas feel they are some sort of recognized rappers.

If there ever is a list, this is it: Top Ten rappers in Nigeria;

  1. MODE9

  2. M.I (of talk about it)

  3. Jesse Jags

But we have to acknowledge coming up rappers like Phenom, X.O Senavoe, and am sure Olamide & Phyno are good cos of my Yoruba/ Igbo niggas, but a rapper? Really? Some are bitching because their names aren’t supposed to be on a list that isn’t a list, claiming since they ignored his video, he knew they were out for him, bruv stop being paranoid and start your real talent, maybe a talk show host, on radio, in the north, specifically Borno, ?,  ever wondered why they ignored your video?

 Maybe its because it is an eyesore? Or maybe because, I hate to say this, you are just not good?  Bruv, move on. There is no need going all “Lindsay Lohan” on us.  ‘’ oh ye so called rappers, please move on to greater things”, which is in fact the reason why this was written: RAP. It is not a must, you can be a background singer, we won’t judge.

By Kelvin Oliko

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