Singer Maheeda’s Shows Off Luxurious Lifestyle in Holland With Her Husband

Caroline Sam popularly known as Maheeda is known for her daring lifestyle her recent confessing about her bad deeds back in the day some how overshadowed her passion in music, love and family. Her first single “Oko Yanpia” blew away charts and drew attention to her with many calling her “goddess of X”.
She returned to the music scene with “Superman (Loke Loke) this year after taking time to be a wife and mother. The actress and model who is a celeb in Holland and Nigeria was recently interviewed by a dutch magazine where she opened her home to them and they spent a day the “oko yanpia” crooner.
Maheeda keeps her family away from the press but she decided to show off her husband, her beautiful home and  their two private.



Maheeda's Hubby Plane 1 Maheeda's Hubby Plane 2 Maheeda shows off beautiful view area



Maheeda & Husband

Maheeda & Husband






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