CNN Airs Graphic Videos of Syrian Chemical Attack Victims

WARNING: The videos included in CNN’s report are disturbing, so watch at your own discretion.

CNN’s Jake Tapper obtained videos shown to members of the Senate Intelligence Committee by the White House appearing to show victims of the chemical weapons attack carried out by the Syrian government. Tapper said a number of senators were moved by what they saw, which the White House had verified to them as authentic.

Tapper issued a lengthy warning to viewers before walking through a few of the 13 videos shown by the White House. They depict individuals (not specifically defined as rebel forces) reacting to what the White House believed to be a chemical weapons attack. The videos show little children convulsing and people who appear to be weakened and dying.

There are close-ups of victims’ bodies and even a zoom-in on the eyes of one victim to show how his body responded to the chemical weapons.







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