GOtv Weekender | The Style Network; Nickelodeon; National Geographic Wild; Disney Junior; M-Net Movies Zone Sept 3 – 10

Here is what to find on GOtv This week.. Programmes you must not miss.



  • M-NET MOVIES ZONE (GOtv Plus only)

Whether you are in the mood for comedy, drama, action or animation, M-Net Movies Zone has something for everyone this September, a movie for every mood.  Catch GOtv’s Action Friday nights with the ROBOCOP festival and the SON OF THE DRAGON four part festival on M-Net Movies Zone (GOtv channel 2).


This Friday 6 September at 6:00pm will be action packed with SON OF THE DRAGON 1 & 2 showing on M-Net Movies Zone (GOtv channel 2):


Roll on the floor with laugher with Comedy Saturdays on M-Net Movies Zone (GOtv channel 2): Jamie Foxx’s Stand-up Comedy – I MIGHT NEED SECURITY on Saturday 7 September at 7:35pm.




Enter the world of an exclusive Atlanta country club, where outrageously wealthy mothers and daughters do whatever it takes to stay on top of the social scene and in control of the action. This month, Ashlee schemes to get Kahdijiha arrested and enlists the help of Meyer.  However Meyer has her mind set on other goals as she explores breast augmentation options. Meanwhile, Sabrina decides to do something wholesome and gets involved with helping inner city kids.  Thursday’s, 8:10pm on The Style Network (GOtv Channel 26).




Prepare to meet the world’s first known Klootonian alien – Marvin Marvin! While he may look like your average teenager, that’s just about where the similarities end.  Marvin is celebrating his favorite holiday, St. Glar Kai Day. However when two FBI agents show up in search of suspect alien activity the Forman’s must throw the agents off the case before Marvin’s true identity is revealed. Take a look at the episode when Marvin joins the book club to spend time with his crush, but he hasn’t read the book yet, so he pretends to be sick to catch up. When the book club meeting is moved, Marvin has to sneak out of the house in order to be there.  Don’t miss all brand new episodes premiering on the 4th of September, continuing with double episodes on Wednesday’s at 4:45pm.  Only on Nickelodeon (GOtv Channel 62)



Brand new episodes mean brand new Kun Fu missions! Po and Tigress must track down and stop a messenger from delivering a scroll that could thrust China into an all-out war. Will these Kung Fu warriors keep a secret? Find out when Crane’s mom visits the Valley of Peace. Crane is worried and reveals to Po that his mom hates Kung Fu so he promised her that he would never have anything to do with it. Crane asks Po and the others to help him out.  Catch Po, the Dragon Warrior panda, and master of Kung Fu, as he demonstrates hew superior skills and continues leading the Furious Five in maintaining calm in the Valley Of Peace.  Starts 9th of September, and continues every week from Monday to Thursday at 11:35am only on Nickelodeon (GOtv Channel 62).




  • MOUK

That intrepid globe-trotting duo Mouk and Chavapa are back on Disney Junior (GOtv channel 60) this September, with five premiere episodes of Mouk to thrill their young fans. Catch brand new double episodes weekdays from Monday 2nd to Friday 6th September at 08:25am.



  • Ultimate Survival Alaska 10×60

Ultimate Survivor Alaska follows three two and three man teams comprised of Alaska’s toughest outdoorsmen as they attempt to survive an expedition of epic proportions. Chronicled in 10 one-hour episodes, they’ll make their way through the spectacular and brutal Alaskan terrain. Navigating a route that traverses some of the most hostile territory on the planet, they’ll rely upon survival skills passed down through generations.  Premier’s on National Geographic, GOtv Plus channel 51, Thursday 5 September at 7:55pm.

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Please note that programming, dates and times are subject to change. In addition, please note that different channels are available on different GOtv bouquets and in different countries.



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