Romeo Miller Survives Nasty Car Crash

Romeo says; “I’m lucky to be alive after nasty car crash”, Romeo was in a serious car accident on Friday and he says how lucky  he feels to still be alive to tell the story.
According to report, he got into a collision , 70 mph, on his side of the car.Romeo was a passenger in the accident, and posted pics on Instagram of the wreckage inside … where both airbags deployed.

As for injuries … Romeo — formerly Lil — says he only got a few bumps and bruises. He even got Biblical on us, adding … “I walked out like Moses.” I walked out, real talk, basically just scratches on me.”

“I was asleep. It was like movie,” he added. “Everybody out there, just be grateful, because you never know.”

“I just made my twenty-fourth birthday, and I was about to be gone just a week later. I’m very grateful.”

Pictures of the car can be seen below:


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