Sean Kingston Facing Lawsuit Over Alleged Gang Rape

According to report,Sean Kingston is facing serious legal problems. The singer ,his body guard and band member allegedly raped a drunk teenage girl in the singer’s hotel room in 2010

The teenager in question Carissa Capeloto, now 22,claims she was forced into intercourse with the singer and his two man crew in a Seattle hotel.
She says she was intoxicated in capable of consent after she allegedly smoked pot and took about 7 or more shots of vodka. Sean Kingston reportedly denies the attack.

Carissa says Kingston allegedly invited her to his room for a meet and greet after performing at a Justin Bieber concert. She also claims that her friend entered the room and saved her before calling the cops and taking her to the hospital, where she claims to have been treated with “physical injuries consistent with rape”.
Criminal charges were reportedly dropped against Kingston in 2010 after the cops determined Carissa’s account not credible enough for a legitimate case.

The singer who survived a nearly fatal jet ski accident in 2011, filed documents insisting the sex was 100% consensual. A trial for this case is set for November.

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