Mattmax Sets to Take over as Naija’s First Choice Music Video Director

The  story  of  Mattmax,  a  creative  music  video  director  who  D’banj  describes  his  creativity  as  “out of this world” , reminds one  of  these  bible  verses  “despise  not  the  days  of  thy  little  beginning” and “whatsoever  thy  hand  finds  to do; do  it  with  all your  might”.


Born  to  Christian  parents  and  christened  Matthew  Abiodun Aina, who  later  got  the  name  Mattmax  from  a  friend  who  sees his  ideas  flowing  through  his  mind  as  maximum. The  Computer  Science graduate from Yaba College of Technology journeyed into visual effects because of the passion he has for entertainment which was fueled by the challenge he got from Remi Oniwho used to be the graphics editor of erstwhile Global Sound which Femi Aderibigbe- Kwame used to present. Mattmax said “Having seen what Remi does with visuals then, I tried reaching him on phone for over six months, and when I eventually got in touch he asked me to challenge him. I was confused looking at what he had achieved then but accepted the challenge and locked myself up for one whole year doing research and read a lot about visual effects and that’s why I am here today”.


Without any formal training, his creativity instantly got him a slot on a Delta State project which he did for close to 3 years. After which he came to Lagos and shot Slim Joe’s “Oti Yan Yan” music video, which enjoyed some airplay, and did a couple of montage amongst which was Nigerian Comedy Awards. He presently has a lot of videos enjoying massive rotations on TV stations to his credits amongst which are Dbanj’s “Don’t Tell Me Nonsense”, Donna Diva “Gaga”, Danny Young “Omo Lepa”,  Olamide’s “Voice of the Street”, KaySwitch’s “ For Example”, Timaya “Ekolomba”, Habida “Light Up”, Brain “Watcha U Looking At” and “Lubadi” , Lace “Gba Be”, and hosts of other videos from established and new acts.


Coming from a rough background, he is trying to make people know that he can do things differently despite its challenges.“Without forgetting people who constantly look down on us because they feel the top is meant for them alone. The story’s changing now”, he added.


Mattmax who is driven by passion for what he does, aspires to build a film village where anyone can walk into and find any type of set that would suit any kind of production budget; be it high budget, medium budget or low budget in the nearest future. He also added that he looks forward to shooting for the likes of Chris Brown, Rick Ross and a host of others.



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