Life and Business Lessons From MTN Project Fame West Africa By Kehinde Ajose

You don’t have to   be a project fame West Africa participant to be able to maximize and turn loose the lessons inherent in the   reality TV show. People miss out on the a life time opportunity to transform their lives  when they just see the show as an entertainment medium without viewing it as a platform to learn and be  educated about what life is about. Here are few lessons you adopt from MTN ‘S project Fame West Africa and adapt to your various lives pursuits. Let’s go!
1. Be exceptional
The contestants who made it through the auditions didn’t just scale through by the fact that they possessed talent, but by the fact that they were exceptional. During the auditions the judges were not just looking for someone who can sing…but someone who has the ‘X factor’. The same is true for any of life’s endeavor. Whether you are in showbiz or playing the game of business, it’s your differentiation that will stand you out. It’s your distinctiveness that makes you sought after .You need to constantly emphasize your ‘Wow factor ‘and amplify it. Iyanya’s   door into the Nigerian music mainstream was opened as a result of his ability to change his music recipe and connect to what people truly want.
2. Be You.
The most successful performers on Project Fame West Africa are ultimately themselves. Even when they perform other artistes’ song, they still   inject their own originality and authenticity. These individuals are often applauded for bringing in their own style, verve, and distinctiveness into any song they perform. Can you say this about yourself or your business? Your originality is your greatest asset. Everybody may be singing the same song, but you have to inject your own tune into the song. Never   turn off the light of your authenticity.
3. Be open to correction
 From the faculty to the judges, they constantly implant constructive criticism into the minds of the contestants. Any contestant who doesn’t adhere to their corrections, and take note of their criticisms will not go far in the  competition. The business of life is a competition with several people jostling for what you want, therefore if you refuse to be teachable and be open to the feedbacks you get from your dealings with   clients, customers, and associates. Ask questions, listen and learn
4. Be Engaging.
Project Fame West Africa contestants who emerge the winners are individuals who involve and engage their audience whenever they perform. They draw the audience into their performance, excite them and go after their votes with everything they’ve got. Are you connecting with your clients like this? Successful businesses  know what their audience      want. It’s not   enough for you to know what you want, you have to know what your audience knows and   constantly meet their needs.  Business is   not about you, it’s about your audience. What step are you taking in order to engage your audience   and connect to their needs?
5. Be Consistent.
 Project Fame West Africa contestants   who thrive during the competition and in the real music world are known to be consistent at performing excellently. What separates them from the others is that they constantly give their best and offer the best performances. In life it is not what you do occasionally that matters, but what you do consistently. Rendering an excellent service today and offering a mediocre one tomorrow won’t make you a rock star in your field. You need to constantly do things that are relevant and distinct and doing them over and over again. That is the secret of Chidinma’s   wide acclaim in the music industry. Consistency is   established by what is called predictable excellence. This means excellent experience people derive from doing business and associating with your personal brand.
What   is required   to emerge as the winner in MTN’s Project Fame West Africa, is the least required to thrive in the real music industry. You need to constantly reinvent yourself in business and in life in order to be inducted on life’s hall of fame. Go make it happen
Kehinde  Ajose is a sought after talent development strategist, publicist , and blogger. He is reachable @, [email protected]

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