Ngozi Nwosu Speaks About Her Ordeal, Lambasts Colleagues In Nollywood

Ngozi Nwosu was diagnosed with a Kidney related illness but was able to raise 6 million Naira due to help from her fans and the Lagos state government that donated 4.5 million Naira, which she used for treatment in the United Kingdom. Recently, Best of Nollywood celebrated her 50th birthday for her and she had quite a lot to say about her life.

“I was positive throughout the experience but at a point I thought I would die and not make it to 50. But I have received the grace of God, and He has given me a new lease of life. It is like a second coming to life. God has given me my life, it is a gift I really treasure. And my advice to people is: just live your life, nobody knows tomorrow,” Ngozi said.

The actress said she had been ill for some time before she started soliciting for help because she thought she could manage it on her own. “I felt it was something I could handle on my own. So, it was as if I turned a deaf ear, thinking and praying that it would be over soon; until God said, ‘No, my daughter, I will handle it the best way for you’, and here I am today.”

She further revealed she was diagnosed earlier with haemorrhoid, got trated and returned to work but after some time, discovered she has issues with her kidney.

“They (critics) said so many crazy things but I don’t want to think about it. I just want to thank God that I am alive today. I also thank the critics because they have contributed to making me strong and alive to prove them wrong. To those who felt this was the end of Ngozi Nwosu, I just want to tell them that this is just the beginning of Ngozi Nwosu.”

Ngozi admonished her colleagues to get regular medical check-ups but insisted she has no friends in the industry: ” “I don’t have friends in the industry. When you are rich they are your friends, but when you are not, they leave you. Most of them are a flash in the pan so I can’t keep them.”

Replying to a question from the Punch reporter about returning to work, she said: “I still need to rest, and if I have to work, I’ll do that at my own pace. I’m not going back to work fully. You will see that my gait is not really smooth. For now, I’m using a walking stick and that is going to take some time. I will be taking everything at my own pace, until I get back to the normal Ngozi Nwosu,”

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