Kenyan Film Critic, Steven Anderson Advocates Against Jim Iyke Playing A Character.

Jim Iyke has been contracted to play a character named Zollo from a widely acclaimed Kenyan novel by John Kiriamiti titled My Life in Crime as the book has been adapted to film but a critic and lecturer at the Department of Theatre Arts and Film Technology in Kenyatta University has advocated against Jim Iyke playing the role.


“In my opinion, not only is it unethical and disrespectful to hire a “foreigner” to play the role of one of the most popular Kenyan criminals as I find it absurd that Jim Iyke is this foreigner. Not only is Jim Iyke an overrated “bad boy” but I strongly believe he is not any better an actor than our own Peter King, Ainea Ojiambo, Maina Olwenya, Mwaura Bilal, Melvin Alusa, Makbul Mohammed or “Master Sugu.”


The opinion from this quarter is that Jim Iyke is an actor with an American accent and may not be able to truly speak like the Kenyan or adopt his body language.

My life as a criminal book cover

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