J COLE: “Barack Obama Would Not be President if he Were Dark Skin.”

During an interview with BET where American rapper, J. Cole was promoting a video game that is using his music, he weighed in on the discussion about colorism and how it affects the Black community in America and in the process, he made some controversial comments.


Excerpt: “I can’t say it for sure but I just think we’re still in America. We’re still Black Americans. Those mental chains are still in us. That brainwashing that tells us that light skin is better, it’s subconsciously in us, whether we know it or not… still pursuing light skin women. There are some women out there that are like, “I don’t even like light skin men” and that’s fine. But Barack Obama would not be President if he were dark skin. You know what I mean? That’s just the truth. I might not be as successful as I am now if I was dark skin. I’m not saying that for sure, I’m still as talented as I am and Obama is still as smart as he is, but it’s just a sad truth.


From what I deduce, he is saying the society tends to favour light skinned people over the dark-skinned ones…

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