On July 19, Kanye West allegedly attacked a videographer outside Los Angeles international airport and now, the videographer, Daniel Ramos and his lawyer, have forwarded the case to the L.A attorney to consider a misdemeanor charge against Kanye. The videographer who is a member of Directors Guild of America and Screen Actors Guild told the media representatives present at the conference held to brief the media about the charges, that he is still in pain and has resorted to using a cane to walk after spending two weeks on crutches.

Ramos said he was frightened when Kanye charged at him adding that he kept saying to Kanye he wasn’t interested in fighting. His lawyer disclosed she has alerted Kanye’s legal representatives and berated Cher and Kirstie Alley for hailing Kanye’s action saying her client was only exercising his right to free speech.

During the press conference, the footage of Kanye attacking the videographer was shown.

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