Olanrewaju Fasasi a.k.a Sound Sultan released his first single, Jagbajantis, in 2000 and till date, quite a number can still recall the lyrics, hence a classic and since then, has managed to remain consistent and relevant enough to release album after album, his latest being his 6th; Me Myself & Eyes, which was released not too long ago.

The release left me somewhat surprised because I hadn’t heard any promotion about the album neither had I witnessed the fanfare that usually precedes album releases in this part of the world but needless to say, I’ve listened and while it has its high and low moments, it is quite unfortunate the lows have the upper hand, no thanks to porous lyrics that characterized tracks such as; Gud Gal and Like Mi, the unappealing Piano which is a reverence to God but doesn’t really inspire us to express gratitude to God with the Sultan or Follow Me Go which starts off with a potential to be great but ends leaving a bad aftertaste.

An ironical fact, however, is that some of the album’s great offerings are in form of collaborations. Talk about the first track, Kokose featuring Wizkid working his melodious magic while Duncan Mighty influences Luv Language with his High-life flavor, just as Flavour did with Orobo and Wyclef’s verse on People Bad.

One needs to thank TY Mix for producing Africa which is the best song on the album. Africa is a euphoric anthem that also serves the social conscious function, just as All Way Na Way, which is another high point of the album. Still I rise, has the Sultan going solo passing across a very important message for all and sundry.

Is Me Myself & Eye worth your time you ask, yes. You just need to separate the wheat from the chaff and you are good to go.

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