Former Brick and Lace member Nyla releases debut video Stand Up

Former Brick and Lace member has released the video for her scorching up tempo single Stand Up.  

The video was recently directed by Damian Fyffe.


The singer spoke about the song and the concept of the video.


‘Stand up was an idea I brought to my sisters.  I thought it would be a cool double play on the phrase in the sense that I wanted the so called guy to stand up for me in more ways than one.  Ultimately, I wanted it to have an empowerment feel, like an anthem where women could feel sexy and in control but not in a bossy way’, Nyla explained.

Stand Up is the singer’s first solo video and she described the experience as fun although she was a bit nervous.

‘This was my first solo video so naturally I was a bit nervous. I had a great team of people working with me to help me figure it out and to help me give the best performance. It was a lot of fun to shoot. It was a one-day shoot in Miami with director Damian Fyffe who has a great visual eye. It took longer than expected for the video to actually get released because we had to get the right edit, but based on initial response…it was worth the wait’, she said.

Stand Up is released on the Konfrontation Muzik label, which is run by Ky-mani Marley. Industry insider and marketer Jason Panton is responsible for A&R on the Nyla project. Additionally, the singer has teamed up with Greyology Management Inc headed by Christopher Grey, a management company based in the UK.

‘Now that the video is out I think there will be more of a connection to the song. It definitely has that east coast swag and of course the reggae undertones which always seems to creep in to your subliminal.  I think when people listen it to it once or twice they tend to get hooked which is ultimately the goal’, Nyla reiterated.


The follow up single to Stand Up is titled Stop Yu Fussin, a throwback record which was produced by Antigua based Justin ‘Jus Bus’ Nation.


Next month, Nyla will head to Africa to perform at the Make a Change show. She will be sharing stage with a number of Jamaican reggae acts.


‘I’m really excited to be a part of the Make a Change show. I will be sharing the stage with some amazing Jamaican and international artistes. The show is also for a great cause. After performing in Africa so many times in the past, I have definitely developed a love for the continent, so it feels great to be a part of something bigger than myself’, Nyla concluded.

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