What has football got to do with lipstick?

What does lipstick have to do with the offside rule? Tosyn Bucknor breaks football down for us in the first in the series of #WomenLoveFootballToo

Do you understand the offside rule?
It is one of the most interesting rules in football and subject of much debates during football matches, worldwide. Here in Nigeria, we even have reminders of the ‘offside rule’ on our streets in Ikeja!
Tosyn Bucknor, radio and television host and football lover seems to think she understands the offside rule. Understanding it is one thing, but can she break it down, especially with her lipstick analogy?
Watch her hilarious video directed by Sisi Yemmie and featuring Owen and Sheifunmi and let us know if she succeeded in convincing… or confusing you!

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