Fliptyce Gimme Some More: All Gold No Glitter by Kehinde Ajose

In the Nigerian music terrain, songs are being released on a daily basis the way water has to be consumed every day, but the sad part of the tale is that only a few of those songs soar above the average. Contemporary Nigerian music can be compared to a shiny splendid candy cover with a sour taste. Artistes just go into the studio, employ a producer who creates a groovy danceable beats with accompanying melodious rhythm , and they get into the vocal boots churning out  whatever comes out of their minds. The art of songwriting is dead.
  Now to the heart of the matter, Fliptyce   isn’t new to making beats and hits. He blitzed through the music scene in 2009 when he produced OJUTIWON for Danny Young .In 2011, he produced CHOP MY MONEY FOR P-SQUARE, and the hit making   ILE-IJO for MAY D. He   is a Whiz kid when   it comes to cooking   sumptuous music delicacies in his   music kitchen.
   His latest effort ‘Gimme Some More’ didn’t quite hit the intended mark.’ Gimme Some More’ is a less than 4minutes track with an infectious techno beat and melodious instrumental but lacks depth. The song starts with a  pleasantly deceptive brass feel backed by a techno beat which gives you the notion that the track is going to be filled with the right suitable lyrics, instead it is just a repetitive chants of ‘Gimme  Some More’ by Fliptyce and the delectable Yemi Alade. Yemi Alade cashes in  on her ability to climb  musical notes and maximize her  high voice  pitch which is one of her areas of strength as a vocalist, unfortunately she wasn’t able to deliver a worthwhile  lyrics that would  have complimented the already rich production. It was as if both of them were in a hurry to pen the lyrics of the song.  This is   what   Fliptyce  ‘s verse reads like:’ we gat no worry, we want to party, let’s spend this money, everybody get naughty’.
  Fliptyce might not have Sound Sultan’s song writing skills but he is a don in his own right. He needs to pay more attention to penning excellent lyrics .Music is a fusion of melody, sound, and lyrics, when any of these is absent it’s like eating  food without  salt.
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