Solange To Play Aaliyah In Upcoming Movie?

Aaliyah’s status has almost reached the coveted mythic status these days.


She has people like Drake and Chris Brown singing with her even thought she’s not here physically. DMX stays dissing those dudes. Timbaland is saying its not too late to apologize even thought he knows he’s the one that needs to be putting out new Baby Girl.

OH…here’s something else to rile up the fans of the one and only Aaliyah.



There is a crazy rumor that the chick Solange has landed the role to play Aaliyah an upcoming biopic. Now, the rumor is Solange went out for the role earlier in the month and ended up getting it this week. She reportedly will be working with the same people that did the movie “Think Like A Man.”



I don’t know. I didn’t even know Solange was any sort of actress. But, she almost never has her hair straight like Aaliyah did. This is as close to Aaliyah as could see with Solange.



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