Few things catch my attention these days.


There’s a lot of noise around. It takes more dedication to create a classical piece and I have always admired producers for these rare attributes of creating very addictive tones. Sarz is one young and brilliant record producer signed to Eldee’s Tyrbe’s Record who has crossed over to the significant beat-makers.

He must have done quite outstanding jobs until the curtain diving stardom and obscurity gave way. Today, Sarz is in every home, practically. He is the latest addiction since Oliver Twist. And truly, the beat to “Beat of Life” is classically an African dance magic.

Sarz was not high when he named the track “Beat of Life.” Only a beat of life can make anyone want to move like it makes me. I can’t tell what he had to pull to make such a wonderful piece but as a lover of music, it was a great job he did by creating that piece and a better job when he chose Wizkid for the lines. There has been nothing as addictive to me in a long while like the “Beat of Life”. The uniquely crafted beat has taken Sarz from seeming obscurity to some fine stardom. The beat is simply lively. And no one could have done a perfect job on it than Wizkid. I look forward to seeing D’Banj on it too. I think he can make something entertaining, isn’t that what he does these days, trying remixes.

The sound is addictive. I got addicted each time I visited YouTube to make a download and the Jumia crew, in an advert would introduce their products with a dance to the “Beat of Life”. I am desperately awaiting more viral videos on “Beat of Life”. Sarz is here. I am optimistic he will stay; besides he has the beat of life.





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