Exclusive Pictures From Lee MCBP June and July Celebrity Party With Street Kids

The event happened at Strong Towel Mission for Kids @ 15 joe ona agbato st. Ogudu garden valley, off ramat crescent, ogudu GRA.

Hosted by Frank o’nero

Lots of gifts were also shared to children,(sch bag,indomie,T-shirts and other gifts too)

There were also dance competition between the celebs and the children too..

According to Lydia:

”We are grateful to God for sustaining us this far and helping us to remain consistent. We are focused on taking our Monthly celebrity birthday party to the next level”



The event was proudly Supported by lee magazine,waptv,kennis music channel,v channel,nigezie,tribune,just chaps,ricia cakes,libarty design,kluxprints, Diamond Value Coaching Limited, too much music,Unusual Focus Production aka Cleorukkiss, Purple campaign, MoreKlue Mag, shawttynatt.


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