Now in Lagos: Creative Arts and Design School for Young People Between the Ages of 6 and 17 Years Old

Imagine a world of ideas and innovations, arts and design, fun and laughter: a world you see in your dreams, where you can paint the pictures as you desire, set the stage as you wish and inform the characters of your own choice. A world designed for young people and to inspire a better future. This is the future we seek and it starts NOW!


At Blue Frog Academy, we are dedicated to helping young people find balance and a sense of self-worth by developing life skills – cognitive, social, motor and business skill. Our vision is to create a creative-mentoring atmosphere where over a period of time, young people between the ages of 6 and 17 years old can find themselves through their talents, knowledge, skills and abilities.


Thus, for this long summer holiday –which we have dubbed the ART-O-MIC™ – our unique and extensive programme is united by a focus on providing our students with knowledge in arts, design and technology, supported by wide interdisciplinary skills set in: Animation, Lighting & Photography, Game Art & Design, Music, Illustration & Painting, Art Appreciation, and Innovative & Product Designs.


Our specific areas of study include: Creative and Critical Thinking Classes; Design and Production Classes; and Contextual/Real Life Classes, which will be delivered through individual and group classroom work, field trips and workshops. Also, our creative mentoring styles allow us to partner and collaborate with conventional schools to introduce and teach our unique courses to students also during sessions. In addition, we have weekend classes during school term for different courses. Hence, we are not a one-off holiday camp as we are dedicated to mentoring young minds in the areas of their talents over a long period of time.


Enroll Your Child/Ward at the ‘Blue Frog Academy Summer Holiday Programme – ART-O-MIC™’,  27th July, 2013.


Time: 9am – 4pm weekdays (Monday – Friday)

10am – 4pm (Saturdays)


NB: For more information on our School’s programme and invites to the Open Day on 27th August, 2013, please call Williams on 07046077721 or 08184593384.

Blue Frog Academy, ‘Expanding Young Minds’.

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