More Entertainment This Weekend – GOtv Weekender: SET, M-Net Movies Zone and SonyMax

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  • ·         LAST RESORT (New Series): Politics! Maritime action! And nuclear missiles! Now add in a crew of a US Navy submarine and you have yourself Last Resort – a new military-themed drama series that tracks a crew given an order to launch nuclear missiles at Pakistan while stationed off that country’s coast. However, the submarine’s commanding officer refuses to obey this command – making him, his vessel and his men, enemies of the state. Armed with nothing but nuclear missiles and their wits, the crew must find a way to prove their innocence, find out who in the US government set them up and still keep their cool on the ship. Expect lots of twists and turns in this intense political drama. (GOtv: starts Tuesday, 23 July at 20:50 CAT and continues every Tuesday at 20:50 CAT)


  • ·         MUSIC AND LYRICS (Movie): Starring the adorably bumbling Hugh Grant and quirky and cute Drew Barrymore, this movie is a delightful romantic comedy with a witty script, a talented cast and hilarious one-liners. Grant plays the role of an 80’s has-been star who is still getting by on the remains of his fading fame. He hopes to make a comeback by writing a song for a young, rising star; however he’s tormented by writer’s block and when he realises that the woman who waters his flowers (Barrymore) is a talented poet and writer, he enlists her help. What follows is a sweet and entertaining love story between the two. (GOtv: Saturday, 27 July at 20:00 CAT)




  • ·         23RD PSALM REDEMPTION: Five years have passed since Detective John Smith helped convict Dennis Luther on a murder charge. After being denied parole, Luther escapes from prison along with two convicts and seeks revenge on Smith, who is now a married minister. While being held hostage with his family, Smith relies on his faith and makes a harrowing attempt to coax Luther to do the right thing… but is it too late? Starring Tatyana Ali and Markhum Stansbury, Jr. (GOtv: Thursday, 25 July at 19:00 CAT)



  • ·         TEN TIGERS OF KWANGTUNG: Another kung-fu gem from the Shaw Brothers, this movie is the epic tale of Shaolin’s historic rivalries between China’s Qing Dynasty and the Canton Tigers. Directed by Chang Cheh, this movie features some of Hong Kong’s finest martial artists, spellbinding fight choreography and some thrilling fighting sequences. (GOtv: Saturday, 27 July at 22:00 CAT)





Please note that the schedules were confirmed by GOtv and accurate as at the time of distribution. Dates and times are subject to change. For more news and information, visit www.gotvafrica.com



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