Opinion: The Man Called D’BANJ

The most interesting thing about ‘madness’ is that no one will ever admit that he/she is mad.

Walk up to those naked, dirty looking so-called mad men on the streets and tell them that they are mad, and you might just be receiving the beating of your life.

I will vehemently argue that I’m not mad, you will also do the same, even the so-called mad man on the street will also argue that he is not mad. Then who really is mad..?

After so much thought on this issue, I made peace with myself by coining out a new definition of ‘madness’.

Please feel free to quote me anytime. According to Akan X-Imoh, ‘madness’ can be defined as an ability to do things that has never been done before in such ways that have never been thought of before, not taking into cognizance failures, obstacles, roadblocks and still come out successful.

History is full of mad men. Men & women who could defy common sense, logic and take crazy risks. From FDR to Magaret Thatcher to Mark Zukerberg to. They don’t seem to end, every now and then, a mad man arises to bring forth his mad theories.

We have gone past the stage of thinking in 3D. Ideas are your gateway to success. How fast can you think, how crazy are your concepts..? How unreal can your thoughts be..? The crazier the better.

The world needs mad men who will challenge the status quo. The world needs mad men who will dare to kill, maim, injure and apologize…after succeeding.

One mad man I truly respect is the man I call Africa’s greatest musical product – D’banj.

I have been an ardent follower of the Koko Master right from his Tongolo days. Then I was in SS2, and I have faithfully followed this enigma.

D’banj is not your ordinary guy. He is A MAD MAN. He came into the industry with an fresh air. Yes, he was bragadocious, but we fell in love with this lousy, extroverted harmonica playing young dude. He had an infectious personality. D’banj was like a monkey who could not sit at a place. A monkey we all loved.

From ‘Tongolo’ to ‘Why Me’ to ‘Soko’ to ‘Funk u up’ to ‘All The Way’ to ‘Igwe’ to ‘Kimon’….aaahhhhh my gosh, D’banj is a gem.

Yes, I agree, D’banj doesn’t have a voice that can compete with Banky W, neither is he as technically sound as Bez. But what he lasck, he makes up for it in personality.

Only mad men will tell you that two birds in the bush is more than a bird in your hand. Only mad men will take crazy risks. Most of us are so afraid to take risks that we most times forget that life itself is a risk.

Whoever told you that the seperation from Don Jazzy was easy for him..? Do you really believe that D’banj was totally sure of success with Kanye West before leaving Don Jazzy..? I’m very sure, at a point during that period, he must have been hit with fear and anxiety, the god of safety and security must have whispered into his ears ‘young man, what the hell are you trying to do, leaving your talisman producer and friend for unsafe greener pasture..?’

Do you really think when Don Jazzy brought Tiwa Savage on and released Solar Plexus, D’banj wasn’t a bit scared…? Come on, he is human as much as we all are. He must have listened to the whole album, silently admitting to himself that the Don had done a good job.

But D’banj never looked back. He sent forth ‘Oyato’, it was lovely. So many beefed him, but like I said then, many were just sympathetic to Don Jazzy. Oyato was perfect. Then came ‘Bachelor’, ‘Cashflow’ ‘Why You Love Me’, ‘Don’t Tell Me Nonsense’ and others in the DKM album.

To those who still feel D’banj didn’t treat Don Jazzy well. I’m very sorry to tell you that you are still living in the stone age. To be a mad man in this generation, you must be ready to step on toes, you must be ready to challenge the status quo. You must be ready to be stubborn, to fight the hands that rocked you. In short, you must be mad to be mad.

Ask I round off this piece, honestly ask yourself, has D’banj been a failure..? Has he reduced in value in any way…?

Love him or not, he is Africa’s greatest product…

He is on top of the world, and you are in your house reading my article…

Be +ve…



(Akan X-Imoh is a Creative Writer and a keen observer of social/political events.
He blogs at Ovasabii.com and on twitter he is @Ovasabii)

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