Opinion | Evang. Tope Alabi and Her Spiritual Father ( My Thoughts On The Sex Scandal Story)

Bad news fly faster, its easy to read these days about a pastor who impregnates a church member than reading when that same pastor have been of tremendous impact to that same congregation. Its easy to Read something Bad about a popular person and judge that person instantly. its easy for one wrong to cancel a Man.

All you need to get to the Bad side of people is just one wrong.it dosent matter the level of your impact or the positive things you ve done. It takes a little effort to fall , it takes a higher effort to Rise.

Success is  dangerous, its so easy to climb the ladder but staying up is a serious business. These days news fly easily, the number of bloggers even supersedes the News available, thus everybody seems to fly the same thing, write about the same news and that ultimately makes everyone hear about it.

So I hear, Evangelist tope alabi to me is a role model, a gospel music icon, let me state here that I do not have a relationship with evangelist Tope alabi except that ave been privilege to share the podium with her on many occasions , she is a woman of God. We all listen to her Music, give testimonies of how Good and wonderful she is ,and of course Now that a sex scandal news is flying around, almost all of us have said one thing or the other Negatively about her . Its not surprising,the same people that shouted jesus is lord are the same who shouts crucify him . Loyal fans are hard to find, that’s even if anything like that exist.

I know its natural for people to start talking and saying all manner of things immediately a man or woman of God is involved in something Negative. Its easy for us to jump into conclusion and believe all that we read or hear. A minimal Nigerian  is said to believe  anything , that’s why our politicians lie to us in campaigns and we still vote them in, which ultimately they will lie to us again,say all manner of things and we will still vote them in come 2015. Nigerians believe anything, oh yes , we are a believing country.

That’s why we can believe the claims of prophet ajanaku(Tope alabi’s spiritula father) . I do not have anything against the prophet, he’s our father , and a strong pillar in the body of christ. First we must come to understand that people will talk when we give them something to talk about. The issue at hand is not why people are talking or why a blogger or the media is flying the story, the issue is why bring all this to the public.

I believe my spiritual father should protect me, not necessarily see me go wrong and look at me go destroy myself ,no that’s not what am talking about. I mean there should be a decent way this whole issue should have been handled without coming to the public knowledge.

Reading prophet ajanaku’s interview to major Nigeria dalies pose a lot of questions in my mind. *what has your spiritual daughter did to deserve bashing her in the public.
*what happened to pastor /memeber (client) privileges (code of secrecy) .
*what exactly is all this set to achieve.

I believe the goal of every believer is to restoration , to bring back the lost sheep. This was even demonstrated by our lord jesus christ  . I believe no matter what Tope alabi has done, this should be an issue to be settled and discussed privately and this shouldn’t  be a debate on the pages of newspaper. I am young, and I believe that if I have a father, my father should be able to protect me and save me from public ridicule.

The interview is causing more harm to evangelist tope alabi than good. That’s shouldn’t be. There is always a better way. Still I might not find answers to my questions, But I know that our main goal and purpose as believers is to restore ourself back to christ in the best way and manner possible. We can’t  be ridiculing ourself on the pages of Newspaper and except the unbelievers to listen to us when we preach. We can’t show the world that we don’t care about ourselves, we need to show the world that even when we fall, we are always there for each other.

I believe a whole lot have gone underground that might not be open for us all to see. The allegations leveled towards evangelist tope is heavy and only God can put her right. Whether she did those things or not, I believe who God has blessed no man can curse. If the allegations are true, I believe we all as christians should rise up and pray for her restoration and not to join the world in bashing her, remember she represent christ. One way or the other, she has been a blessings to countless of life, we shouldn’t open our eyes and see such great gift gone to the world. We should play our part , not grant interviews that will make our own look bad all in the name of wanting cheap publicity and attention.

I still don’t get it, the reason why a father will openly say such things about a spiritual daughter or son . Am still trying to search the scriptures to look for a proof of that. I hope one day I will get it.

The lessons is clear for us all to learn,as believers, gospel artist ,pastors , leaders, we should know now, people don’t really care. Noting like loyalist, it doesn’t exist in the time of jesus so why Now.Jesus is the only friend that sticks to one more than a brother.

I rest my case, its been a long day, I need to Rest.

Tunde praise is a worship leader, and the managing director of MH MEDIA , a media /PR cusultancy firm in lagos nigeria. Tunde can be reached on tundepraisebookings@gmail.com

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