Who Carries International Passport Around?

The answer to the above question is; Nigerians. Okay, but how do we verify our identities? How do we receive Western Union, Money Gram and all? We have no other choice than to carry our international passports around, like mobile phones. Little wonder some people’s international passports are now looking like an old newspaper.



In my first semester in the university, I went with two of my friends to buy clothes at Yaba, the “stop and search” policemen mistook us for Yahoo boys (internet fraudsters) and we were asked to identify ourselves, my friends did but I couldn’t. I was a jambito (freshman) and our ID cards were not ready. Passers-by were already gathering, I had to do something. So, I sluggishly brought out my bank ID card (LOL). One of the policemen almost slapped me, out of annoyance. That would have been the first day I would be handcuffed, if not for an angel (a woman passing by) that came to my rescue.



After many reported cases like this, some resulting into detention or even death of the victims, Government realized it had become imperative to evolve a comprehensive strategy in verifying our identities.



So, In 2005, the Nigerian Government set up a Harmonization Committee to advise it on how best to harmonize various identification schemes and the plethora of Identity Cards being issued both by public and private sector institutions in Nigeria. The Committee recommended the adoption of a multipurpose Card which would help manage several applications that are all dependent on the same individual’s identity being first affirmed.



It is this concept of a Universal Identification Infrastructure that has led to the implementation of a National Identity Management System (NIMS) which has five components: the National Identity Database or Central Identity Repository, the National Identification Number (NIN), the Identification Card or token, the verification and authentication infrastructure and the harmonization and integration of the existing database.

Good News! The Nigerian National Identity Card (NNIC) is here and the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has been charged with the responsibility of issuing out the microprocessor chip based general multi-purpose card (GMPC) designed to handle multiple applications including identity verification and authentication and payment functionalities. All citizens 16 years and older as well as all legal (alien) residents who have been in the country for two (2) years who have been registered and issued a National Identification Number (NIN) are required to obtain a Nigerian National Identity Card.



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