#BBATheChase Update: Sierra Leone’s Bolt and Namibia’s Maria Evicted From Big Brother Africa


Sierra Leone’s Bolt & Namibia’s Maria as they were shown the door at the eviction show at Big Brother Africa The Chase.



Bolt followed shortly after his lady love Betty, who was Evicted in Week 4 while Maria didn’t even know she was replaced and up for Eviction.  Maria, who has never been under the Nomination knife was replaced by Diamond HoH Nando earlier this week, saving his own head.

This makes the 5th week that the team representing Nigeria have avoided nomination, and the two (Melvin & Beverly) are still going strong.

Here’s who each country voted for:

Angola: Pokello
Botswana: Dillish
Ghana: Pokellp
Kenya: Annabel
Ethiopia: Dillish
Malawi: Natasha
Namibia: Maria
Nigeria: Dillish
South Africa: Pokello
Sierra Leone: Bolt
Tanzania: Annabel
Uganda: Annabel
Zambia: Hakeem
Zimbabwe: Pokello
Rest of Africa: Dillish



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