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A Corper’s Tale: Plans for The Weekend By @Andhiii


YES! The weekend is here, and also, the month of June is over.


It feels like it was just yesterday that I was on air talking about June resolutions and May appreciation. National service is getting closer to the end. (I am going to miss my kids)

Speaking of them, I remember my last post was about changing for love; learning to do the things that I wanted to teach them.

Earlier this week, I was thinking about how to get started on this plan. What is the first virtue or decent behaviour I wanted to inculcate in them? Then it hit me, in my nostrils. The awful stench that was coming from the group of kids that surrounded me on the assembly ground that morning.

I have to teach my wonderful kids the beauty in smelling good.

They have to learn it now because I know some older people these days that smell terrible. Men and women with body odour so bad that you’d wonder if their sense of smell was malfunctioning. You sit beside them in buses and would have to drop before your bus stop because it is unbearable.

If they understood and learnt to take care of their bodies now, it would never depart from them. I hope.

Now, to more fun things, IT’S THE WEEKEND!

Two major fun things are happening this weekend.

The cantonment is having Tombola today. Tombola is a fun gathering at the Officers’ mess where we play the game of Bingo ‘military style’ and we get to win stuff (that we hope to sell) like microwaves, fridges even a GOAT! I am praying that I win something! Fingers crossed.

Then, across the street, is the Options 247 bar where The Beat Crew would be partying with Olamide ‘Badoo’ this Friday. It is our first official outing as the Beat Fam so we are all quite excited about it.

Two parties in one! Never have I been in a happier mood to boogie down. It’s like my two worlds are mixing and I am happy about that (Except the part that says wear heels)

I wish you could share what would be going on for your weekend with me.



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