This Week on #BBAThe Chase: Seven Housemates Nominated Again



Following closely behind the ladies were Hakeem and Nando who both received three nominations each.


Now, it’s on to the nominations.

 Rubies Nominated:
Feza: Pokello, Natasha
Angelo: Elikem, Natasha
Fatima: Pokello, Oneal
Natasha: Elikem, Bolt
Oneal: Sulu, Bassey
Bolt: Sulu, Natasha
Sulu: Bolt, Fatima
Pokello: Bolt, Sulu
Elikem: Sulu, Natasha
Bassey: Feza, Angelo

 Diamonds Nominated:
Dillish: Hakeem and Selly
Melvin: Nando and Bimp
Beverly: Annabel and Selly
Selly: Annabel and Dillish
Bimp: Annabel and Maria
Hakeem: Dillish and Annabel
Maria: Hakeem and Nando
Annabel: Hakeem and Beverly
Cleo: Dillish and Nando
Nando (HoH): Dillish and Maria


Over at the Diamond house, Annabel and Dillish both led the pack with four nominations each.

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