Praise Jah!!! JMartins Turns Pastor in Owerri At Star Music Trek



JMartins brought tears to the eyes of over 70,000 fans in Owerri on Saturday June 22,as he interrupted his soulful performance, to bring Chukwudi Ejiofor a handicapped fan up to the stage.


Despite being physically challenged,Chukwudi who says he dances for a living, joined other fans for Martin’s dance competition, and he received wild cheers from the crowd.


As JMartins watched him mix acrobatics with dancing, he asked for silence as he spoke emphatically “God will restore you. I am not a pastor. I have nothing to give you but God who gives us life will restore you and restore your healing.



Chukwudi ejiofor performing at the Star Music Trek concert in Owerri



Overcome with emotion, JMartins left Chukwudi with a memento: his neck chain. He also took out time to take pictures with himbackstage. It’s unconfirmed if he also gave him cash or exchanged contacts

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